Kypselotehniki Kostamenas V. - Angelis M. OE
Cell Construction

Awarding of the first prize by OBI for the construction of a complex multi-purpose base

Photos from the award

Kipselotexniki, based in Anilio Metsovo, is successfully active in the hive construction. Our company was founded in 1983 by Vasilis Kostamenas and Michael Angelis and, since then, deals exclusively with the production of cells that are distinguished for their quality. That is why Kipselotexniki is particularly known in the wider beekeeping world, beekeeping stores, beekeeping cooperatives and beekeepers. In particular, our company is distinguished for three very important features:

  1. The excellent manufacturing quality, With state-of-the-art machinery
  2. The excellent wood quality we use for the construction of our cells, which we deliver ready for painting, without the need for a beekeeper 
  3. Our reasonable prices


The name of Kipselotexniki, in Anilio Metsovo, is interwoven with the production and distribution of quality wooden hives, which withstand time. Our company, for over 30 years, continues to be in the first cell selling, thanks to our uninterrupted struggle for continuous improvement in their manufacturing quality. At the same time, we take care to take seriously and doing the observations and ideas of our friends beekeepers, to the benefit of all of us. Employees conscientiously, daily, our goal is to cover the needs of beekeepers in the best possible way and in incredibly unrivaled prices! 

Trust is very a very important factor for Kipselotexniki. Visit us in our new modern facilities, in the Industrial Area of Ioannina, where we produce our high quality products, with lots of passion and appetite for our work. Our hives and their accessories have ISO 9001 2008 certification. The transfer of cells to our customers is done with our privately-owned trucks when the order is great, while when the order is small, it is done with cooperating transport companies. Whatever the requirements and needs of the beekeeper who trusts us, we can cope with them.

 Kipselotexniki do everything, so you are your bees ... Safe!

That's why it is a popular choice for all beekeepers! We have to thank all the beekeeping world for his love, his support and confidence that has shown in our products, all these years.

  We assure you that we will continue in the future, with the same bases we built together ...!!!!

COMPLETE Mobile PLASTIC BASE PROCRAMMED made by Kipselotexniki


The plastic base was designed by Kipselotexniki company with the experience of forty years in the manufacture of wooden hives in the market for convenience and saving time and beekeepers. The complex plastic base comes out in two versions:


1) First Lahgstroth Cell Version with Dimensions 417X507mm
2) Second Dadant Cell Version with Dimensions 425Χ495mm


The study and certification of its resistance was done by OptiPhore company.




1) The plastic base at the top carries a security sink around, where it applies on the floor to not pass inside the waters that drip from the floor. 

2) The perforated bottom of the base its holes has a large opening from the underside and in this way they do not fuse from the impurities of the hive. 

3)  It has reinforced oppres to restraint the left-right-back-back cell. 

4) At the four corners of the floor there are elevated countryside for the right in the warehouse (one on top of each other). 

5)The plastic base is connected to the blister with adjustable connectors (two holes ready for easy placement of the screws). 

6)(a) The base has two entrances and four ports which are always embedded in the hive. The two small doors have 0.8X0.9cm holes and with these dimensions enter only the hive and not their enemies. b) The other two small doors are for transport. Pugs are integrated and they can open automatically very easily at any time.

7) The base (apron) is rounded at the corners for easier transfer. Also it has a sloping down system rain waters and a smooth landing place for bees.

8) The base is round, in a style of cadron with four soles resting legs on the ground such as the wooden hive. 

9) The base in its full composition carries two rounds and two rounds and four rails that are placed at the bottom of the bottom and we create the followers to place the two chestlock drawers down in a watertight place and without creating a hive bumper. Pollen collectors have two faces, one for pollen collection and the other turned upside down to convert the perforated base to closed 100% by adding a specific piece to the middle of the base. This changes the base and becomes closed with a double-bottom, where the bee impurities fall and inside are clean. Opening the two pollen collectos and the middle special piece A ventilation of the cell is adjusted from 0% to 100% in a minimum time but also in transport there is no problem after we achieve 20% ventilation with the middle block. Turning out the windows you can add a larger flight plank for bees. Inner fountains are easily placed from bee entrances. The base in its full composition is multifunctional and flexible and and adjustable ventilation.